RC English Martyrs Church

RC English Martyrs Church

Welcome to our church blog where we hope to keep you informed of what’s going on in the parish and further afield.  Summer in Whalley is always delightful and the church grounds immaculate as always provide a peaceful backdrop to our Parish life. We now have several seats donated by families in memory of loved ones and they provide a quite place to sit and contemplate and perhaps say a quiet prayer and with all the changes taking place perhaps you could say a prayer for vocations.  We serve Afternoon Teas on Sunday afternoons through August and September often outside in our beautiful gardens. Come and join us if you can and experience the hospitality of our church.   “Prayer enables grace to open a way out from closure to openness, from fear to...

No Mass 18th & 19th September

. Please not there will be no Mass on Monday and Tuesday… the rest of the week as normal…. sorry for any inconvenience!

Holy Baptism changes!

. HOLY BAPTISM. There has been some changes made to the administration of Holy Baptism. We shall put that into practice this Sunday 21st August, when Lewis Christopher Townson will be received into the church during the Mass. In a beautiful and inclusive service he will be signed with the Sign of the Cross and anointed with the oil of salvation in the name of Christ our Saviour a younger and older member of the congregation will be involved in this, this will enable Lewis Christopher and his parents Ben and Sarah to feel part of the parish family. They have recently come to live in Barrow from Accrington. Lewis will be Baptised next Sunday morning during Mass. Both the Welcoming and the Baptism take place after the proclamation of the Holy Gospel during the...