Christmas Wreaths

The Ladies of the church have been extremely busy making wreaths for sale to bolster the church renovation fund. Organised by Pat Doxey the team have worked very hard for two days making 74 wreaths to brighten the Christmas scene for people.

Rehearsals for Nativity get underway

Despite being displaced from our home church the children of the Parish have started rehearsing for the annual Nativity Play. Through the very good auspices of St Mary’s Church we are able to hold our Nativity Play on Thursday 22nd of December at 6pm in St Mary’s. The children are very excited and will be rehearsing every Friday at 4.30pm in St Mary’s. Here is a photo of the first “read through” as the actors are selected and start learning their parts ready for a faultless performance on the night. Supplied by John Whiteside.

Parish News

Preparations are in hand for a Children’s Nativity production in the Parish Church on Thursday before Christmas. Rehearsals begin in Church on Friday at 4.30pm.We are joining with the C of E children this year. Christmas wreaths are being made to order, cost £7.00 and orders must be in by next Sunday, order forms are in the Church. SVP Mass, party and entertainment begins at 2.30pm in Church on Sunday 11th December.  Please book on the list which is in Church now. 56 people from the three churches are meeting on Sunday next  for an early supper in The Dog Inn, followed by coach transport to Blackburn Cathedral for the Blackburn Choral Society production of Handel’s Messiah. Fr. P. Price.

November Bulletin

While extensive work to our church continues, life goes on and the parish is busy at present with routine things – the largest group for the Sacramental Programme for some years. The children are set to prepare a Nativity Play which will be staged this year in St. Mary’s Parish Church during the week before Christmas. Historic things are happening. The daily Mass in the old Parish Church is proving to be quite an experience. We have used both Chantry Chapels on different occasions, but the daily Mass is mostly on the High Altar with the people sitting in the ancient chior stalls (some of which came out of the Abbey). The first baptism to be conferred by a Catholic Priest since the Reformation took place recently at the Font in which Blessed John Thules...

News on the renovations

The work is progressing well it has been a huge job!   End of October update The church grounds were a hive of industry on a sunny Friday in October when we visited to check on the progress. As you will know the church was built in the 1920′s to the delight of the Catholic population of Whalley and it’s surroundings. They had been without a permanent place of worship since the 16th Century. The building was built with limited funds and using the building techniques of the time. In this case red brick from Accrington and extensive use was made of timber for the roof, floors, walls and asbestos, then thought to be a wonder building material. Timber was plentiful and relatively cheap in the 1920′s. The main frame of the church though is made...