29th April Fourth Sunday of Easter

Day of prayer for Vocations Sometimes we can lose our sense of direction, we become prey of empty fears and false pleasures. Today we are reminded that in Jesus we have someone who will always guide us right and protect us. If we listen to him and follow him we will have the fullest possible life. Blessed John Paul II at the end of the mass for World Youth day in 2000 as his final encouragement to the youth of the Church quoted St Catherine of Sienna (whose feast is today 29th of April). “If you are what you should be, you will set the whole worls ablaze!”

Sunday 22nd of April

Third Sunday of Easter We praise God with joy in this Easter season, in Christ a new age has dawned, the long rein of sin is ended and a broken world has been renewed.

No Masses 16th to 20th April

The church will be closed from the 16th to 20th April inclusive, normal Mass times will resume on Saturday 21st April. Remember from week beginning 23rd of April there will be no Mass on Tuesdays for the foreseeable future.

Stonyhurst visit cancelled

Please note the visit to Stonyhurst on Thursday 12th April has unfortunately had to be cancelled for the time being. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Easter Sunday 8th April

The Easter Sunday service was extremely well attended, in fact for many it was standing room only.  Our newly re furbished church looked splendid on this important occasion in the Easter story.  After the service refreshments were available to make it into a splendid social occasion culminating in the Grand Easter raffle Draw.  People have been very generous this year with over 70 easter eggs donated and over £350 in tickets sold.  The money of course is going to be used to repay the extensive loan that we have had to take on to ensure our church was repaired and made fit for worship for many years to come.  The first prize was a beautiful Easter cake, baked by Fiona O’Connor and decorated beautifully by one of her friends.  Then there was an...