The Altar

Father Price has continued his thoughtful and patient restoration of our church from the desperate state it was in, with some more work to the look and feel of the Altar area. The statues that dwelt on the window cills now have their own shelves which put them in pride of place at either side of the Altar archway.  The work has been done by parishioner Fred Arkwright who has continued his odyssey in Cherry Wood with a pair of substantial shelves to lift these quite heavy statues into view.  The wood is the same as the Tabernacle shelf and the beautiful large scale cross, our deepest thanks are due to Fred for his work on these items which add considerably to the look and the feel of our church. (click on heading for picture)    


Our beautiful church has been under siege again from the river Calder, not for the first time in its history. On Friday 22nd of June a particularly large and active weather front visited the North West of England and dropped 100mm of rain in a few hours.  The river Calder joins the River Ribble just out of Whalley and flows to the sea via Preston & Lytham. This down pouring coincided with an almost 9 meter high tide in the Ribble estuary. Within a few hours the Calder had reached an unprecedented 4.12 metres above its normal level at Whalley bridge, breaching its banks and flooding the houses in the low-lying areas of the village and of course English Martyrs.  (click heading for pictures) This was particularly worrying this time as we have just lavished a...

Viva il Papa!

Father Price lead an enthusiastic group of Parishoners to Rome for a very special Pilgrimage!  They had an exhausting but wonderful time, More details will follow when they have recovered. Meanwhile Dennis Cassidy took these pictures to give us a flavour of their trip.

Sunday 10th June

This weekend we celebrate Corpus Christi. Father Paul Blackburn celebrated Mass with us this weekend as Father Price is away with a party of parishioners in Rome. We are pleased to welcome Father Blackburn who is the full time Catholic Chaplain at the Blackburn Hospital. Weekday masses resume on Wednesday the 13th of June. Thursday the 14th is the feast of the Dedication of the Cathedral. Friday is the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.