25th April Evening Walk

The first of our evening walks took place today and was a great success. Father Price and 10 members of the church set off on a beautiful evening for a gentle ramble along the river bank and up into the fields by Accrington road.  The views were splendid and our guide showed us an old overgrown well in the hillside said to have been used in the time of the Abbey.  Climbing further we were able to enjoy the view over towards the forest of Bowland and the rest of the Ribble valley.  Much discussion took place when we reached the fields that are to be built on in this next wave of development. The area is beautiful with an abundance of wildlife including a family of Kingfishers, we were left to speculate the effect that the new houses  and their occupants will...

The New Social Committee

THE ENGLISH MARTYRS SOCIAL COMMITTEE has been busy setting out plans for events for the rest of the year: Coffee and biscuits after the Sunday Mass is now a regular event every week. There are 5 teams of three people already signed up to do this. If you are willing to help, that will be appreciated. Please offer your services. This can be extended to the Saturday congregation if there is a need. Have you any views on the matter? We are starting a “Begin to Move Group for Older People”. This is to be on Wednesday afternoons and there is an information sheet at the back of church and a list to sign up if you are interested. A walking group for those who like a gentle stroll in good company is starting on 25th April at 6.00pm. This first walk  is a gentle...

Website off line!

We are sorry but our website has been off line for a few days. This was we think because of a” cyber attack” on the company that hosts the site.  Thankfully Guy came to the rescue and got us back on line.

Friday April 12th

On April 12, 2013, Pope Francis, in a meeting with the members of the Pontifical Biblical Commission, explained succinctly the Catholic understanding of Scripture, shared with the Orthodox Churches, but rejected by most Protestant denominations. The meeting was held at the conclusion of the annual assembly of the Pontifical Biblical Commission, and the Holy Father noted that the theme of the assembly this year had been “Inspiration and Truth in the Bible.” As the Vatican Information Service reported, Pope Francis emphasized that this theme “affects not only the individual believer but the whole Church, for the Church’s life and mission are founded on the Word of God, which is the soul of theology as well as the inspiration of all of...

Sunday 7th April

Please note…….  NO MASS THIS WEEK monday the 8th to friday the 12th.  Please read the newsletter this week a there are several meetings scheduled.