Christmas Fair Success!

. A VERY BIG THANK YOU to all who worked hard and all who supported our Christmas Fair last Saturday. Financially, we raised just over £2,000.00; and proceeds from the Christmas wreaths will bring this figure to a very satisfactory conclusion. Warmest thanks to all who have helped in any way towards this result.  

Christmas Fair 22nd November

. THE CHRISTMAS FAIR IS ON SATURDAY 22nd November MORNING COFFEE SERVED UNTIL 11.30AM SOUP & SANDWICHES LUNCH SERVED 12.00 UNTIL 2.00PM AFTERNOON TEAS 2.30 UNTIL 3.30PM Contributions for the food hamper will be welcome. Contributions towards the catering will be welcome on Friday to enable an early start in the kitchen. Father Christmas is expected at about 1.30pm depending on sleigh traffic. The church is available on Friday for setting up for as long as it takes.  

Important Mass time changes

. MASSES THIS WEEK. Fr. Price intends to be away this week for a few days so there will be Mass on Monday 10th of November at 10.00am and Friday 14th November at 10.00am. On the other days the church will not be open except on Wednesday afternoon for the “Begin to Move Group”