No morning Mass until Friday morning!

. ARRANGEMENTS FOR THIS COMING WEEK. Fr Philip will be away for a few days from the beginning of the week until Thursday evening. There will be no Masses therefore until Thursday evening when Mass will said at 7.00pm for the SVP District Conference. This of course is open to all. The daily routine resumes on Friday.  

We have a problem!

. WE HAVE A PROBLEM. Parking in The Sands and Church Lane is always a problem. We compete for space at Mass times with tourists, people who live just out of the village and dog walkers!  We do have to be aware of neighbours who need access to their drives. Please do not park across driveways. This problem is likely to grow as more and more people come to Mass at English Martyrs due to Diocesan changes! We wish to offer these people who come to Mass at Whalley the greatest welcome so please those of you who know our church grounds by the “Lay Brothers Dormitory” park in there when possible, getting blocked in is not a problem as we all come and go at the same time. For those who cannot get in please please respect our neighbours right of access and...

Sunday Afternoon Teas Start August 6th

. SUNDAY AFTERNOON TEAS IN AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER begin on August 6th.   On this first Sunday there will also be one or two stalls and attractions with plants and crafts for sale. Please note the date and come to join us.