News of Father Philllip

. FATHER Phillip News. Thank you sincerely for lots of messages and kindnesses and prayers. Treatment continues every week (as you will see!!). Tiredness is the worst enemy, and patience and endurance have to be taken 3 times a day from a large spoon. We are so fortunate to have two good and kind priests to care for us all. Fr. Paul Blackburn is here this weekend.  

Welcome Christina and Emma Ortego to the Catholic fold!

. On Sunday morning 25th of Feb there will be a Baptism at Mass. The Ortego family moved here from Spain recently and because of circumstances Christina and Emma have not been baptised,and my circumstances have added to the copmplication just recently. A date had been fixed for Sunday 25th and Father Paul will baptise Christina and Emma during the 11.00am Mass. Do one of the things you are all so good at doing. Make them feel welcome.  

Ash Wednesday Mass 14th Feb at 10am

. The Ash Wednesday Mass on Wednesday the 14th of Feb will be at 10am only this year.