RC English Martyrs Church

From Father David Yates:  As I complete my first month in post I would like to take this opportunity to share a few reflections. Returning to Lancashire after twenty one years in the Royal Navy has been a real homecoming for me; looking around at the Church, the Presbytery and the village I am extremely grateful to Bishop Arnold for appointing me here.

I would like to take this opportunity to also publicly express my thanks to Fr Ian Kelly and the various Supply Priests who have maintained the momentum of the Sunday Masses since Fr Price’s death. Their hard work and generosity has been very much appreciated by us all. I am also grateful to the many parishioners who have “stepped-up” to support and manage the parish during the interregnum. You know who you are. 

Finally I would like to posthumously thank my predecessor Fr Price for leaving me such a good and happy parish. I will add my prayers to yours for the repose of his soul and the comfort of his family and many friends. 
Requiescat in Pace, Amen. 

Peace and Prayers to you all,
Fr David.


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