RC English Martyrs Church

RC English Martyrs Church

Welcome to our church blog where we hope to keep you informed of what’s going on in the parish and further afield.  Summer in Whalley is always delightful and the church grounds immaculate as always provide a peaceful backdrop to our Parish life. We now have several seats donated by families in memory of loved ones and they provide a quite place to sit and contemplate and perhaps say a quiet prayer and with all the changes taking place perhaps you could say a prayer for vocations.  This is the time of year when Pope Francis gives new archbishops the pallium, encouraging them to remain strong in prayer, which he says helps them to in stay open to God’s surprises, rather than closing in on oneself.


“Prayer enables grace to open a way out from closure to openness, from fear to courage, from sadness to joy, from Division to Unity”  Particularly poignant in this time of uncertainty here in our country after all the natural and man made disasters that have occurred.









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