RC English Martyrs Church

RC English Martyrs Church

Welcome to our church blog where we hope to keep you informed of what’s going on in the parish and further afield.  Winter it is but already the days are feeling lighter, snowdrops are poking their heads above the soil and we are looking forward to the “Snowdrop Tea” afternoons which start Feb 4th, Come and join us for a peaceful afternoon visit, admire the snowdrops and our parishioners  “baking skills” when you enjoy our afternoon tea service.  Pope Francis continues to lead the church in new and exciting ways offering support and hope to many people of all religions and none.

In his homily during a special Mass in Rome, the Pope focused especially on the idea of Mary as Mother. “The presence of the Mother makes this temple a family home for us children,” he said. And so we are able to recognize the Church as “our home, the home where we find rest, consolation, protection, refuge.”








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