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Thanks indeed to Father Kelly, Father Wynn and the other fathers that are helping us out until our new priest arrives, we are very grateful for their Masses.

THE SPECIAL MEETING to maintain the social life of English Martyrs held last Wednesday was very well attended with over 20 people. Some good ideas were suggested but it was brought to our attention that some people were unable to attend due to the time the meeting was held. Therefore it was decided to adjourn the meeting to a more convenient time. A second meeting has been arranged for SATURDAY 10th NOVEMBER at 6.00pm (after the 5.00pm Mass) so that further discussions can take place.

ADVANCE NOTICE. Mass here at English Martyrs on Sunday 11th November, Remembrance Sunday, will be at 8.45am. ( that is ¼ hour earlier than previous years ) . The Remembrance Service in St. Mary’s and All Saints Parish Church will be at 9.45am..



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