The New Social Committee

Thas been busy setting out plans for events for the rest of the year:

  • Coffee and biscuits after the Sunday Mass is now a regular event every week. There are 5 teams of three people already signed up to do this. If you are willing to help, that will be appreciated. Please offer your services. This can be extended to the Saturday congregation if there is a need. Have you any views on the matter?
  • We are starting a “Begin to Move Group for Older People”. This is to be on Wednesday afternoons and there is an information sheet at the back of church and a list to sign up if you are interested.
  • A walking group for those who like a gentle stroll in good company is starting on 25th April at 6.00pm. This first walk  is a gentle amble around the outskirts of the village. Put your name down on the list or just join us.
  • As a fundraising action an Ebay auction of donated items is planned for later in the year. This could become a regular feature. Have you anything in the attic you would like to sell?
  • We are looking to develop the Autumn Coffee Morning into 2 events. A Summer Fete in June using the church grounds, and a later pre-Christmas, Coffee Morning with seasonal goods for sale. A possible date for the Summer Fete is June 15th  so please mark the date and offer to help if you can.
  • Other events which are at the planning stage will emerge in due course.