Weekly News Letter From 12th July 2020

Church Status: 

I am very pleased to announce that our church will be open for Mass from Wednesday 15th July, and then on the dates set out above. The diocesan guidelines require 2 metre social distancing to be maintained and this will mean that the numbers we can accommodate at each Mass are likely to be lower than the usual numbers at Saturday vigil and Sunday morning, to help with this there will be an additional mass on Sunday evening. One thing which will help with numbers is if members of the same household could come to the same Mass and sit together. 

The first weekend may run smoothly, or it may not. We can only do our best and wait and see. We may have to make amendments to the arrangements a few times before we get it right. Please be patient and bear with us as we try to establish the “new normal”.

Our team of Stewards will be on hand to help, please follow their instructions. They will direct you to a seat, which may not be where you usually sit. They may also need to ask you to change seats so more people can be accommodated. It is hoped that we can return soon to our usual program of daily Masses, but the comprehensive cleaning regime required after each mass means that, for the moment, this is not possible. 

I will speak at each Mass to give more detailed information about how things have had to be modified to accommodate the present situation. The main thing is we are able to come back into church and celebrate Mass together once again.

I have received a few enquiries regarding Confession: I will have a think about that and get some advice on how we are to proceed; there will be Confession available in some sort of form from Saturday 25th July.

Important Warning: 

Once Mass resumes please do not come if you are unwell or fear that you may have COVID-19. Also, please do not come to Mass if you are in the “extremely clinically vulnerable” category and received a letter from the NHS requiring you to stay at home until August. If you’re not sure, or have any worries, then please don’t feel under any pressure to attend. There is no obligation to attend Mass on a Sunday or Holy Day at this time. 

From the SVP:  

The Food Bank at Clayton is continuing to be stretched, meeting the knock-on effects of the pandemic amongst needy families. Incidents of unemployment and homelessness are taking their toll.
Any contributions of the following items please: Tins of meat, soup, fish and vegetables. UHT milk, coffee, pasta, rice, pasta / curry sauces, breakfast cereals, bread, toilet roll, shampoo, washing up liquid, baby wipes, size 4/5 nappies. For those being rehoused into empty accommodation there is a need for any spare plates and pans that you may have. Please leave any donated items in the SVP box in the Presbytery Porch or with Gary Bolton at I Hayhurst Road, Whalley. Or if you wish to make a financial contribution, please place in a clearly marked envelope and either put in the letter box at the Presbytery or at 1 Hayhurst Road.  Some parishioners have found it easier to order an Aldi food box on-line (non-perishable items) and have this delivered to Gary Bolton at 1 Hayhurst Road. Your continued support for a very worthy cause is very much appreciated.

Stewards and Cleaners: 

There will be an important meeting for the stewards and cleaners in church on Friday 17th July at 4.30pm.

200 Club:  

The 200 club winners for JUNE were: 1st Prize: Roger Brunt, 2nd Prize: Stephen Tattersall, 

3rd Prize: Susan Fielding. 

The winners for JULY are: 1st Prize: M. Rawlinson, 2nd Prize: Sheila Tattersall, 3rd Prize: Peter Walsh. Congratulations to all our winners.  

Masses Received:   John Gorner (A)

Grateful Thanks: to all who are continuing to support the parish either through Standing Orders or by putting your envelopes through the letterbox. £575-50 was paid into the bank recently. The Standing Orders for June came to £1161.00

And Finally: One for when we are allowed to sing again???😁😁