Garden party Perfection!

. THE YEAR 2018 WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY. The weather last weekend was perfect for the Garden Party. It was good to see the grounds used to advantage and lovely to see so many people enjoying themselves. Thank you to all who worked so hard in the heat of the day, and thank you to all who came to support us. The day realised a total profit of just over £2,200.00 and this figure has been divided equally between Whalley in Bloom and English Martyrs Church. The judging followed very quickly last Wednesday and Whalley looked spick and span and received very favourable comments and some good advice from the 2 judges. We now have quite a long wait as we take our place in the whole of the North West.  

Whalley in Bloom and English Martyrs Garden party

. This coming Saturday (31st June) from 11am until 4.00pm we join with Whalley in Bloom for perhaps the biggest social event that we have attempted in our grounds. Thank you to all who have been involved. Please have a look at the lists on the table to see if you can fit in anywhere, but please support this event and bring friends. The Church will be open on Friday until all preparations have finished. Gifts for Tombola and stalls can be left at the Presbytery (behind the big front door if there is no-one in). Home baking is one of our specialities. On this occasion as much, please, as possible. Please do not bring baking before Friday evening……. and, hush hush, the weather looks set...